Our Services

What we do: synchronize sound with your brand and its unique personality, across all your stores.

Music playlist

We curate playlists designed for your brand, including monthly updates based on the latest music trends.


We provide a dedicated media player preloaded with your carefully curated playlist for your convenience.


We ensure professional installations and solutions that work and can be tailored to match your budget.


We’ve made it our mission to provide hassle-free in-store support infrastructure and maintenance suited to you.


  • Carefully curated music playlists uniquely designed for your brand.
  • Monthly updates ensuring your music stays fresh and current.
  • Legally compliant with relevant music licensing authorities.

GO DIGITAL | Media players replace CD players

  • Synchronize consistent sound to your brand across all your stores
  • Connect a dedicated media player loaded with your unique playlist to your existing audio infrastructure
  • Real time uploads and remote monitoring of your audio network


  • Focus on the highest quality sound to suit your budget
  • Professional installation team who are dedicated to your brand
  • Fully compliant with health and safety regulations

MAINTENANCE | Music Network Management

  • Affordable maintenance contracts to provide hassle-free in-store audio infrastructure report.
  • 48hour turn-around time for trouble shooting.
  • Full support 24/7 365 days.

How does music help your brand stand out from the rest?

Only a few brands have defined how their brand can do this. These brands have recognized an opportunity to be unique from their competitors by creating a ‘sonic signature’ that carries the sound of their brand to their key target audience.

What are the ways that music can truly strengthen a brand:

  • Drive sales
  • Build loyalty within key target sectors
  • Create a unique customer experience which sets them apart from competitors
  • Build a strong, consistent brand image

How does music help your brand stand out from the rest?

On average people remember the name of the brand who offers music as a backdrop with their merchandise, compared to other communication touch points. This makes a brand more relevant as customers discover connections to the brand through the emotive experience of music and sound.