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Synchronize consistent sound to your brand across all your stores.

Our Services

What we do: synchronize sound with your brand and its unique personality, across all your stores.

Music playlist

We curate playlists designed for your brand, including monthly updates based on the latest music trends.


We provide a dedicated media player preloaded with your carefully curated playlist for your convenience.


We ensure professional installations and solutions that work and can be tailored to match your budget.


We’ve made it our mission to provide hassle-free in-store support infrastructure and maintenance suited to you.

About Us

Future Dimensions Media has been a dedicated audio supplier for more than a decade. Our main focus is to provide and enhance the quality of the customer experience by connecting them with the sound of your brand.

FDM creates soundscapes for each brand that match their brand voice, and the atmosphere needed to enhance the overall customer experience and complement the brand’s personality, through music and sound.

Our Clients

Providing the right atmosphere is a key role in customer satisfaction.

Volume and tempo is key and can determine how long customers stay and how much they spend in your store.
People are also more likely to desire products advertised in conjunction with music they find appealing when compared with music they don’t like or no music at all.

Music has an effect on brand and product perception. Consumers are more likely to purchase products when the music associated with them is aligned with the product.

Music can strengthen your brand by creating uniqueness from competitors and building a consistent brand image.

The sound should complement the atmosphere and ambience in your Café. 

The playlist is designed for more musically educated and culturally-connected listeners and maintains the non-mainstream feel required by the RE Jeans brief.

The effect of music on customer behaviour can have a positive response. The right music can put customers in a happy shopping mood

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