About Us

Future Dimensions Media has been a dedicated audio supplier for more than a decade. Our main focus is to provide and enhance the quality of the customer experience by connecting them with the sound of your brand

FDM creates soundscapes for each brand that match their brand voice, and the atmosphere needed to enhance the overall customer experience and complement the brand’s personality, through music and sound.


By curating music mixes put together by the best DJ’s and music programmers. These can include messages promoting services, specials and products, as well as branded sound logos. It can also interface with a brand’s web presence and social media platforms.

The difference you will experience lies in our ability to match the music content to your brand and our dedication to levels of service. We look after you because we consider you as being part of our family.


Behind every great company there is a team of experienced people who make it successful. Future Dimensions Media has been creating bespoke in-store customer experiences for the last ten years– where soundscapes match brands, and in turn complement the brand’s unique personality, and the way it makes an impression on the people who choose these brands.