Songhouse / Tailor-made royalty-free in-store music


Music shapes your mood and can make or break an atmosphere, this is why so much time goes into curating playlists that match the sound of your brand but actually enhance your customer’s experience too.

Future Dimensions is already enhancing your customer experience by creating bespoke background music, but they also offer the use of Songhouse – tailor-made royalty-free in-store music.

Why use Songhouse?

South African collective management organisations (CMO) charge licensing fees to stores when they play registered music, and these costs can add up very quickly. To keep their in-store music fresh and unique, and to save money, some retailers choose to use international royalty-free music libraries. While it is legal, it means that you aren’t actually supporting our local musicians.

Before Songhouse, you’d have to pay a blanket fee to all the local CMO’s to broadcast any registered local music. This is regardless of how many songs you add to your playlist. It can become pricey, and the truth is that a lot of the money generated ends up leaving the country and is paid to international record companies, artists, and ultimately the CMO.

What is Songhouse?

Songhouse creates a cost-effective solution for your in-store sound. It offers customised, royalty-free music that fits your brand perfectly. And importantly, 100% of the revenue remains in South Africa and is paid to our local songwriters, sound engineers, musicians, and producers.

It is a specialised music production company that works with songwriters, composers, engineers, musicians & producers to create and curate original South African music. We can tailor the perfect music for individual brands that are cost-effective and royalty-free.

Beyond saving you money, Songhouse creates work for our local artists and all those involved in the music industry. We work with the artists, covering the costs involved in getting the music recorded, and once our short-term contract with them is finished, artists are free to explore other routes to release their music commercially.

What Makes us Unique

In a nutshell, all of the music that is used is the sole property of Songhouse and we aren’t affiliated with any CMO. On top of this, we own all the rights to our catalogue, including;

  • The master rights to the recording 
  • The neighbouring/performer rights that may accrue to those who perform on the recordings 
  • The rights to the musical composition that is embodied on the recording 

In South Africa, intellectual property is a transferable asset. This means that Songhouse can buy the content and rights for a predetermined amount of time, usually three, six, or 12 months. Once the agreement expires, ownership of the creative content is returned to the artists, composers, songwriters, and content providers. They are then free to release their music in any way they choose. This keeps the money in the country and, more importantly, in the pockets of the industry professionals.

The Swan Song

At the end of the day, Songhouse is all about supporting local businesses. We do this by paying and empowering local songwriters, sound engineers, and producers and by saving retailers, stores, and outlets money while curating the sound of their brand. We put South Africa first and we are proud of it.

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