IN HONOUR OF BRIAN WILSON (2/8/2017) - It might have been true that the 60’s music scene was dominated by Brit Pop and the so called British invasion but there was a group of California boys creating their own special magic and they owed most of their success to an enigmatic genius called Brian Wilson. Born in California in 1942, Brian Wilson formed the Beach Boys in 1961 and had a long string of hit singles and albums, helping to establish the “California sound” along the way.
IS MUSIC AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIVES? (11/22/2016) - The origins of music date from the earliest civilizations of the world who tried to imitate the sounds of the nature and soon realised that there was a pattern to various sounds made by the animal and bird kingdom. It was also means of communication.
SENSITIVE HEARING (9/9/2016) - I was very interested to read about a group of individuals in this country who have started a Noise Pollution “crusade” against restaurants and stores that play their music at high volumes. It got me to thinking how difficult it is to please all of the people all of the time.
USING STORE MUSIC FOR RETAIL ZONING (8/8/2016) - What is In-Store Music? It is many things to many people. Some want the bland concept of what is commonly referred to as “lift music”. Some want some kind of radio station with DJ, ads, messages and a continuous bombardment of somewhat useless information and yet others prefer a more focussed brand complementary selection aimed at pushing all the right buttons with customer and staff alike.
RETAIL TRENDS AND INNOVATIONS. (7/4/2016) - There’s been a lot of discussion about the impact of on-line shopping replacing the physical store space. In South Africa it’s a slow process that quite frankly seems to be very sluggish taking off. And that doesn’t surprise me. Although Amazon.Com is amongst the world’s largest e-commerce companies it has still to show a significant R.O.I.
CHALLENGES OF THE MODERN MUSIC SUPPLY CHAIN (6/6/2016) - We have already established that the days of “In-Store Radio” and “Background Music” have largely been consigned to history. So where are we headed? Pavia University in Lombardy, Northern Italy has done extensive research into how humans respond to music. This seat of learning is one of the oldest in the world and is well respected for the high quality of its research. Their project showed that people are very affected by music. It can have an impact on heart rate, blood pressure and obviously, mood.
MALL OF AFRICA (5/6/2016) - When you’ve been in the music industry as long as I have the chances of becoming jaded increase exponentially! That said don’t get me wrong. I still love what I do and still learn something new and exciting every day. As they say it’s what floats my boat! And my boat turned into a luxury ocean liner at the opening day of the Mall of Africa. The Woolworths store there is truly world class and our sound system and music management system is the same. Yes, I am a very proud CEO!
SUCCESSFUL MUSIC PROGRAMMING (4/6/2016) - If you don’t know as yet successful music programming is much more of a science than you might believe. Let’s face it getting a bunch of songs together is a pretty simple exercise but making them work for your target market and keeping those fine folk in the best of possible moods is another story altogether.
Are you reaching your customers? (3/7/2016) - Are you reaching your customers? The key is knowing who they are and what they want. To appeal to retail customers, you need to understand what makes them tick. What better way to do that than by studying actual consumer behaviour?
STREAMING MUSIC (7/8/2015) - The way in which we access music has changed completely. Although you can still purchase CD’s, DVD’s etc. at a personal level most access to songs these days is an online digital process.The latest addition to the world of music streaming is huge. According to revered music mag Rolling Stone “Apple Music, contains many features that streaming-music fans will expect (playlists galore, algorithmically guessed genre spotlights) in addition to an emphasis on music recommendations by real-life humans.