Retail Audio Installation – It’s about the flow, bro! (8/13/2019) - Bad in store music is like a paper cut. When it happens, it overrides all other senses. Whereas great retail audio is seamless to the point of being taken for granted. But like all things effortless, good audio flow in a complex retail space requires experience, knowledge and careful planning. Future Dimensions Media’s installation expert, Hardus le Roux, talks us through the tricks of the audio installation trade.
Sensory Shopping (6/4/2019) - FDM’s General Manager and super shopper, Dalene Haugh, rates her favourite stores and why she’ll always go back for more. “It’s my favourite thing,” whispers Dalene in the confessional tone of a Shopaholics Anonymous meeting. With two decades of experience in retail, including a number of years at the Martha Stewart Organization, Dalene appreciates the multi-sensory satisfaction of a thoughtfully curated store. “I was really inspired by how Martha transformed everyday living and entertaining into a modern, practical art form by valuing order, aesthetics and styling.”
TOP TIPS FOR RETAIL AUDIO: THE DO’S AND DONT’S OF SOUND BRANDING (5/2/2019) - As Content Manager at Future Dimensions Media, Jason Stoffberg is responsible for some of the most successful retail soundscapes in Africa. He talks us through the do’s and don’ts of making a brand audibly awesome.
ON-TREND & IN-STORE (3/22/2019) - Knowing the sound of your brand is important. Keeping a finger on the pulse is essential. Top music trends in 2019 predict greater inclusivity, diversity and a definite shift towards local-is-lekker.
MUSIC TRENDS FOR 2018. WHERE TO NOW? (3/15/2018) - If we all had a crystal ball and knew the answer to the question we’d all be richer than Simon Cowell and like him or loathe him he is one of the key individuals who control the direction of popular music tastes on this planet and just maybe a few others too!
WHAT’S UP WITH THE GRAMMYS? (2/6/2018) - So this year’s Grammys have come and gone. Only one woman in the awards list and that was newcomer Alessia Cara and for my money the best performance of the night was Pink although Sting showed that he still cuts a mean groove. Bruno Mars swept the boards with the 4 big awards; Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best R&B Song of the Year all driven by his album “24K Magic”.
IN HONOUR OF BRIAN WILSON (2/8/2017) - It might have been true that the 60’s music scene was dominated by Brit Pop and the so called British invasion but there was a group of California boys creating their own special magic and they owed most of their success to an enigmatic genius called Brian Wilson. Born in California in 1942, Brian Wilson formed the Beach Boys in 1961 and had a long string of hit singles and albums, helping to establish the “California sound” along the way.
IS MUSIC AN IMPORTANT PART OF OUR LIVES? (11/22/2016) - The origins of music date from the earliest civilizations of the world who tried to imitate the sounds of the nature and soon realised that there was a pattern to various sounds made by the animal and bird kingdom. It was also means of communication.
SENSITIVE HEARING (9/9/2016) - I was very interested to read about a group of individuals in this country who have started a Noise Pollution “crusade” against restaurants and stores that play their music at high volumes. It got me to thinking how difficult it is to please all of the people all of the time.
USING STORE MUSIC FOR RETAIL ZONING (8/8/2016) - What is In-Store Music? It is many things to many people. Some want the bland concept of what is commonly referred to as “lift music”. Some want some kind of radio station with DJ, ads, messages and a continuous bombardment of somewhat useless information and yet others prefer a more focussed brand complementary selection aimed at pushing all the right buttons with customer and staff alike.