Sonic Branding – The next big thing in successful marketing.

Sonic Branding is about the sound of a brand. It is responsible for increasing brand awareness, differentiating a brand from its competitors, connecting with customers on a deeper, emotional level and consequently Sonic Branding is about generating more sales and better profits. Sonic Branding is thinking about music in a strategic way. It’s designed to extend your brand’s visual identity by giving it an audible personality. According to Wikipedia “sound branding (also known as audio branding, music branding, sonic branding, acoustic branding or sonic mnemonics) is the use of sound to reinforce brand identity. Sound branding is increasingly becoming a vehicle for conveying a memorable message to targeted consumers, taking advantage of the powerful memory sense of sound“. Sonic Branding is managing how you sound, making sure the effect is positive. Sound, and in particular music, is very good at triggering memories. Therefore music and audio logos are a very strong tool in branding. Branding with both visual and audio elements is much stronger than branding with visuals only.

Sound and music influence our emotions on a subconscious level. Visual information alone needs to be processed and interpreted by our brain before it gets meaning. It’s easy to shut your eyes but more difficultto shut your ears. In our personal lives, we are very good at using the power of music. We listen to music:

  • to match our mood (sad when our heart is broken, happy when the sun is shining),
  • when we feel like dancing,
  • when we do sports,
  • to motivate ourselves,
  • to be part of a community.


Although musical taste is personal, music also has a community aspect. We like to be part of a community. And communities have their own music. With branding, you also want to create communities. You want to give your customers an experience. You want them to feel to be part of a community. The way Apple customers feel part of a community.

This is where sonic brandingcomes in and can help. So Sound Branding is more than an afterthought. And it is much more than selecting music for your next TV commercial! Whereas music for commercials normally comes at the end of the process (and budget!), sonic branding is something to think about at the beginning. That means you have to:

  • invest time and money to translate your core values into sound and music,
  • use the knowledge and experience of a sonic branding consultant to do it right.

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