The origins of music date from the earliest civilizations of the world who tried to imitate the sounds of the nature and soon realised that there was a pattern to various sounds made by the animal and bird kingdom. It was also means of communication. The earliest form would have been in Africa where the use of drums, rhythms and simple melodies are now lost in the mists of time itself.

A lot of people say that music reflects the kind of person you are. Is it true?

There are a lot of styles of music in the world, even in one country there are many genres. In Latin America and Africa, the music is often very cheerful and rhythmic while in Europe it is more sedate and gentle.

Music is considered as an intangible cultural heritage in all its variety and complexity.
This means that music is one of the most mystical expressions of humanity because it is capable of transmitting feelings and thoughts. It connects.
Music is one of the most important elements of culture because it helps us to understand the evolution of society.

Identity can be matched with the kind of music you are listening to, because some people express that they are calm, quiet or reserved. They prefer listening to classical music, otherwise they might be extrovert or feel depressed without it.
But science says you can feel whatever you want to feel with the music you most like. 

Can music show your identity? Not really because music reflects a mood and you are likely to enjoy more melancholy melodies when feeling depressed and much jollier tones when you are excited and happy. Having said that different styles of music can help identify you from a cultural perspective. Jazz and blues are great examples of this although you certainly don’t have to be an African American to identify with these two styles. There are many excellent exponents from many different race groups and many fans from across the globe. Music has the ability to unite. That’s pretty unique.

In the modern world with our sophisticated communications it is possible to listen to music from any culture anywhere on the planet. Not all of it will appeal but much of it will contain elements that we like.

The truth is that music is the universal language and can connect even the most disparate of cultures. As with all humanity try to find the good in it and your enjoyment will be multiplied 100-fold.

Seasons’ greetings and be blessed in all you do.

About the author: Dalene Haugh