Future Dimensions Media (FDM) has been providing in-store audio solutions for the past 5 years. The brain child of Nigel Hope and Mike Westcott the team has now been joined by Dalene Haugh. Dalene has experience of the in-store media industry from time spent working in the USA (Wal-Mart and Martha Stewart Organisation amongst others) and South Africa. Nigel and Mike total over 60 years in the business of sound both for in-store use and in the recording and commercials industry.

FDM believes in creating soundscapes for brands that match the vibe and atmosphere needed to enhance the brand experience of the customer and complement the brand’s personality. This can be in the form of music mixes created by the best DJ’s and music programmers and can include short informational messages promoting services and products available or branded sound logos. It can also interface with a brand’s web presence or social media platforms.

Ours is an on-line solution and we offer a complete Turnkey service:-

  • Install an audio system to specification
  • Install our dedicated media player loaded with the specially designed playlist
  • Update new content every month or on an as and when needed basis on-line
  • Manage the audio content on a daily basis
  • Offer a help desk that stays in contact with every store or branch
  • Provide stand-alone audio systems which include an audio replay device


The difference you will experience lies in our ability to match the music content to your brand and our dedication to levels of service. We look after you because we consider you as being part of our family.

Mike Westcott

Nigel Hope

Dalene Tarr Haugh