Technology moves further ahead with the release of software that can be embedded in an audio track during playlist compilation, then identifies and activates smart phones bringing them to life to download short messages that indicate that the phone user has been recognised in the environment and making them aware of other any other useful information.

The data is hidden in the music track so cannot be heard and does not interfere with the quality of the music or speech being transmitted. It triggers the smart phone and if you are an account holder or are on the store’s data base in another way, such as being a member of a loyalty programme, it welcomes you personally and passes on information regarding special offers, promotions etc. This save a customer time if they are visiting the store for a specific item or makes them aware of items that they may not previously have known about.

It won’t be too long before such systems become interactive, in other words you will be able to ask the information centre questions:-

  • Do you stock a particular brand or item?
  • What minimum payment should I make on my account?
  • Is short term insurance available?
  • What is my current credit limit?
  • Can I pay by debit order?
  • Do you stock XXXL sizes of clothing?
  • What is the price of new potatoes a kilo?

And where retailers have multi-brands and other stores within the group it will also be possible to provide information from them as an added value to shopping at a given branch within the group.

You are in Woolworths and a special offer becomes available at Re or JT-One. Your phone lets you know.

And other platforms can be offered to the client through complimentary software which a store can advise them about. “Oooh! I love this song. What’s it called?” Go to Shazam.com and find out. Download it on to your phone’s MP3 player through iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Sound Cloud, Mix Cloud or any other legal music download site.

These exciting developments are becoming a reality and if you watch our web site at www.futuredimensions.co.za you see how to access them for your business.

Good vibes and good listening!

About the author: Dalene Haugh