Are you reaching your customers?

Are you reaching your customers? The key is knowing who they are and what they want. To appeal to retail customers, you need to understand what makes them tick. What better way to do that than by studying actual consumer behaviour?

The other point is to use every possible means at your disposal to communicate with them. And this is where we come in. At FDM we spend most of our time researching what music customers prefer and we install audio replay systems that are close to being state of the art. Yet many clients don’t use the systems for their primary function. Communication.

Now I am inclined to agree that a continuous bombardment of badly recorded and equally badly voiced material probably does more harm than good. So as with all good business decisions exact stratergising and planning is essential.

We suggest start small. How about a greeting in the morning and an announcement before closing that the store closes in 15 minutes time. Use your system to provide useful information that customers may not always know. Support whatever customer loyalty plan you have in place. Offer added value through your discounting policy and then move on to short informative product and service offers. Nothing too brash but exciting enough to get the desired response. Many large retail brands now have offers in the area of insurance, funeral plans and the like. In store is the ideal place to promote such services.

Try a feature of the song of the week played regularly every hour. Look at the possibility of your own brands Top 20 on a Saturday or Sunday and offer streaming of your playlists onto mobile devices. And if you are able run in-store promotions and competitions.

Examine the messages you’re sending. Are they the right ones for your customers? Are you getting them across? Many communication errors stem from a naïve belief among marketing people that they’re necessarily trying to connect with people exactly like themselves. For example, many retailers overlook issues of nationality, language, ethnicity, and age.

We’d be more than happy to come and discuss possibilities with your marketing team and come up with some concepts and solutions that really can make a difference.

About the author: Dalene Haugh