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Top Trends for Retail Audio in 2019

By Future Dimensions Media, in-store audio & visual solutions specialists

Knowing the sound of your brand is important. Keeping a finger on the pulse is essential. Top music trends in 2019 predict greater inclusivity, diversity and a definite shift towards local-is-lekker.

3 Top Music Trends in 2019:

  • Merging Musical Styles and Regional Artists

Thanks to online music streaming platforms, regional artists from around the world are basking in the spotlight of the mainstream music industry. With no geographical and societal boundaries, artists are free to merge different musical styles, and the world loves it.

  • Out Of The Box

Great music is great music. Music has always been a unifying force and with so much to choose from, excellence by a performer in any genre can find an appreciative audience. A beautiful voice or irresistible rhythm knows no gender or race. It’s time to move on from “she’s a great female vocalist” to “what a great singer”. Let’s thank Queen Bey (in part) for this fierce move forward.

  • Homies Go Global

It’s a big world out there. That used to be dominated by popular music from the UK and the USA. With the internet, huge hits from lesser known regions are gaining global traction. Not “world music” in the 80s sense of the word, but popular hits from around the world. Musicians no longer have to make it big in the traditional music centres to reach a global audience. From Cape Town to Caracas, a new generation of stars are popping onto playlists everywhere. Experimenting, collaborating, forging bonds. Despacito isn’t the best example…but you’ve certainly heard of it.

Play Nice

FDM considers gender, ethnicity, age and religion when compiling playlists for Woolworths (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and in other African countries. In some areas a Christmas playlist is not appropriate in December. And yes, we may throw in a little Justin Timberlake and George Ezra to keep the kids happy. Remakes of golden oldies always work for older shoppers and put a contemporary spin on the nostalgia.

Refresh & Reload

Our dedicated DJ updates playlists on a monthly basis. Here are examples of how clients’ playlists have adapted in recent months.

Woolworths Foods: Their adult contemporary mix includes upbeat soul, jazz, funk, pop and popular hits from various eras. Artists featured include James Brown, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Jamiroquai, Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

RE JEANS: A big shift from 90% rock and indie, to 50% rock and indie and 50% modern, lesser-known titles from various genres. The playlist targets musically savvy, culturally connected listeners and reflects the non-mainstream feel of the RE Jeans brand.

Now Now: Content shifted away from Jamie xx-type electronics to a mix of modern electronic, R&B and less mainstream pop. Now Now’s playlist features South African electronic and dance titles by Black Coffee, Jullian Gomes, Kid Fonque, Erefaan Pearce, Da Capo and Jazzuelle.

Sweet Orr: Previously 100% rock and indie, the playlist now features 50% rock and indie, 25% modern electronic and pop, and 25% number 1 hits from various genres and eras.