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Music Playlist designed uniquely for your brand plus monthly updates
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Dedicated media player loaded with the designed playlist
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A solution that works and can be tailored to match your budget
Provide hassle-free in-store audio infrastructure support
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Future Dimensions Media (FDM) has been providing in-store audio solutions for the past 5 years. The brain child of Nigel Hope and Mike Westcott the team has now been joined by Dalene Haugh. Dalene has experience of the in-store media industry from time spent working in the USA (Wal-Mart and Martha Stewart Organisation amongst others) and South Africa. Nigel and Mike total over 60 years in the business of sound both for in-store use and in the recording and commercials industry.

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Muse on Music

USING STORE MUSIC FOR RETAIL ZONING (8/8/2016) - What is In-Store Music? It is many things to many people. Some want the bland concept of what is commonly referred to as “lift music”. Some want some kind of radio station with DJ, ads, messages and a continuous bombardment of somewhat useless information and yet others prefer a more focussed brand complementary selection aimed at pushing all the right buttons with customer and staff alike.

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Mike Westcott


Mobile: +27 (0)82 443 3877
Email: mike@futuredimensions.co.za
Skype: mike.westcott

Nigel Hope

Operations Director

Mobile: +27 (0)73 135 3605
Email: nigel@futuredimensions.co.za
Skype: nigel.hope

Dalene Haugh

Projects Executive

Mobile: +27 (0)82 495 2010
Email: dalene@futuredimensions.co.za
skype: dalenetarr


Technical Support Line: +27 (0) 83 823 9710


“music is the great uniting language“